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Meet the makers -

We are Kinjal & Ravi !!

What’s our story??
Well our story started where we spend most of our time today.
Weddings!Theembroidered dresses and make-up, the huge and colourful decorations, the variety of food, and the aftermath of that celebratory hangover.
Takes down a memory lane to the day when we first started working. And gradually we realised that capturing moments, is just not about creating good pictures but also about bringing life to them.
Photography is special to us. It blends art & technology, prediction & reaction, light & shadow. It captures a moment of time and preserves it, allowing the viewer to experience that moment again and again.
Also, when we talk about weddings which all about love in the beginning, we believe that these days it may be really difficult to find your soulmate. But when you do find the right person for you, why not share its story with the world. Because it needs to know that the love that we talk about is not only restricted to movies and books, but also exits in the reality too.
We want to contain that you will never forget. Those days&nights that will change your life. Also capturing the families that play a major role in binding these soulmates forever, even though they belong to different religions, cultures and origins, marriages unites them all.
We love our job of being a visual storyteller&love to tell your story of via a series of moments. We love to bring up your sensory memories: the sounds, the smell, the excitement & sweetness of that moments that you once lived.
And we are honoured to be an intimate part of your event,trusting us and allowing us with the opportunity to capture the special moment of your life.
So, what is our ultimate goal?
Our goal is to document all the beautiful details, emotions, and interactions as they happen naturally. It’s the collection of these images and videos that tell the memorable story of the people and places through our lens.
Thank-you for taking time to view our perception of the world. We consider that it is a great opportunity to meet all kinds of people throughout our journey, it is truly a blessing.



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